Spirit of Santa Fe

August 9, 2013, 5:30 - 7:30pm  *  Casweck Galleries
...this is the gift of training and expertise - the ability to extract an enormous amount of meaningful information from the very thinnest slice of experience. ~ Malcolm Gladwell, Blink

We come to know a person in the blink of an eye. We act on a feeling we learn to trust; a sixth sense draws us to like or even love another, in the blink of an eye. In a blink, I fell in love with the "Spirit of Santa Fe," and through this simple project, its people. These visual studies are not full on portraits, but 'Gestural Expressions' of a moment, an invitation for you to sense Spirit; an artist giving my love to this place and its exceptional citizens. ~Robbi Firestone

In the faces of men and women, I see God. ― Walt Whitman

My Heart Healer ~ Fiquet Duckworth
My Heart Healer ~ Fiquet Duckworth

Graphite and Oil Stick on Bristol Paper and Silver Wash
19" x 24"

My heart healer. My own good witch healer, come to me in divine time… How could I inquire spirit of Santa Fe when my own soul hurt – so deeply? And so my wise woman appeared to uplift and offer the guidance I so needed? Good and kind, wise and skilled, this beautiful woman shines heart from her eyes. Love intelligence and self-guidance. She held my heart and beliefs back into well being. Saved my mind. Thank you, lovely, beautiful, beloved Fiquet. Thank you, beloved healer, all my heart and all my love.